Wooden polychrome sculpture "Suffering Christ" from the Diocesan Museum in Zagreb

Author: Valentina Bakša
Mentors: Zvjezdana Jembrih, MA, Associate Professor; Vladan Desnica, ScD, Associate Professor

University of Zagreb, Academy of Fine Arts (Croatia)
Integrated study program: Conservation and Restoration of Art
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of sculpture, 4th study year 

BAKSA ValentinaSummary

The wooden polychrome sculpture, gilt with silver and gold, depicting the Suffering Christ from the Diocesan Museum in Zagreb originally came from Krapje in the Sisak-Moslavina county. There are a lot of such iconographic presentations of Suffering Christ and they were presented in Croatia from the Middle Ages till the 19th century.
Complete research and conservation-restoration works were performed in the course of teaching.
Laboratory research included: XRF, FTIR, wood determination (at the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb), and CT (in the Traumatology Hospital in Zagreb). The course and results of this research as well as conducted works up till now will be represented.

Short biography

VALENTINA BAKŠA, born in Zagreb in 1992, was enrolled into the study at the Department of Sculpture Restoration in 2010. During the teaching she performs works on the sculpture of Suffering Christ under the guidance of Zvjezdana Jembrih, MA, Associate Professor and at the decorative frame of the picture Immaculate Conception under the guidance of Tamara Ukrainčik, Associate Professor, MA. She took part in the works on several wooden polychrome sculptures in Restoration Center Ludbreg in 2013.