The skeleton of hand fans

Author: Barbara Krilanović
Mentors: Sanja Serhatlić, Expert Associate; Antun Karaman, PhD

University of Dubrovnik, Art and Restoration Department (Croatia)
Graduate Programme in Conservation-Restoration (MA)
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of paper, 5th study year

KRILANOVIC BarbaraSummary

The theme of this paper is to present research and conservation-restoration works on two 19th century hand fans. The goal is to point out the variety of materials with which we can encounter on individual objects in conservation-restoration. Hand fans are an excellent example of this and it was an honour to restore two of them. They are a combination of paper, metal, wood, ivory, mother-of-pearl, gilding, silver leaves and silk. The structure is described in general and it was confirmed with a diagnostic method (computer tomography) on the restored hand fans. Research from historical and artistic point of view revealed that one of them was an European (French) printed hand fan (cca. 1860) and the other Chinese ("Mandarin" or "one hundred faces") painted hand fan (cca. 1820). It provided insight into types and forms of hand fans which supplements the restored hand fans. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with colleagues from different areas, whether scientific or artistic, which was also extremely educational.

Short biography

BARBARA KRILANOVIC (Zagreb, 1990.). started at the Art and restoration Department on University of Dubrovnik in 2008, specialization paper. During her study, she worked on different graphics, geographical maps, parchment, leather etc. She also made a poster about the restoration of parchment with her colleagues, which was presented at the 9th International conference of conservation-restoration studies in Split, Croatia. She also participated on the XV Salone dei beni e belle attivita culturali e del restauro in Venice, 2011.