Structural conservation of a Flemish panel painting by Adriaen de Gryef: Stabilization of the support

Author: Joanna Zwinczak
Mentor: Grażyna Korpal, Professor

Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts in Kraków (Poland)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of paintings, 6th study year


ZWINCZAK JoannaThe conservation of a Flemish panel painting The birds hunting by Adriaen de Gryef was performed in the Paintings Conservation Atelier at Wawel Castle under the direction of prof. Grażyna Korpal in collaboration with specialists from the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow and Getty Institute.
Due to the wood's natural movements the panel had curved into a barrel shape. The previous, incorrect treatments of its shape, damaged the object. A stiff, hard beech cradle had been attached to its reverse. The construction, caused cracks of the support and the remaining layers. Consequently, each of the ensuing elements of the support twisted in different direction.
The conservation started with removing the cradle. Then, the elements of the panel were glued. The treatment was held on a gluing table which held them together in a stable position and then the elements were corrected outside of the table. The gaps and splits of the wood were filled with mixture of fish glue and phenolic resin microbaloons. The climate frame for the object was designed and the profiles sustaining the panel inside will be cut. After that, an unattached support will be installed.

Short biography

JOANNA ZWINCZAK  (Cracow, 1989) started the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art study programme at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 2008. During her academic education she graduated courses of conservation of different materials such as wood, canvas and wall paintings. In 2010/11 she completed the Erasmus exchange at Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp and in 2012 a stage at Conservation Atelier at Wawel Castle. She took part in conferences and workshops referring to the subject of panel paintings conservation.