Design of Repair Plasters by Drilling Resistance Criterion

Author: Ivan Vanja Martinović
Mentor: Neva Pološki, MA, Assistant Professor

Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated study-Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
Specialization: Paintings (5th year of study)


Ivan Vanja Martinovic

The aim of the study was to design repair plasters with properties similar to historical plasters found on the baroque wall painting located in the chapel of Passion of the Christ in St. Cosma and Damian church. To prove the compatibility in the term of hardness, the drilling resistance criterion was used. Repair plasters should have similar composition as the original ones but should have lower hardness so they dont produce stresses to the surrounding original structure. In order to fulfil that demand, recipes and samples of potential repair plasters were designed on the basis of the results obtained by chemical and granulometric analyses of the original material. As the hardness of a plaster is affected by the type of a filler and binder, size of the aggregates and filler-binder ratio, in every potential repair plaster recipe at least one of these components was changed with the goal of finding plasters with optimal hardness. After measuring historical plaster layers in situ and various repair plaster samples using DRMS (drilling resistance measurement system) technology, the results were compared. Recipes which proved to be the most compatible with historical plasters, in terms of hardness and visual appearance, were used for filling the damaged areas in multilayered plaster structure of the wall painting.

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Short biography

IVAN VANJA MARTINOVIĆ was born in 1990 in Zagreb. In 2009 he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) in Zagreb and a year later in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 2014 he graduated from FEB and is currently attending the 5th study year at the Academy. In 2015 he received the Rector's Award for participating in the "Techniques of Fine Arts" workshop.